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Face Masks


North Carolina has mandated masks to be worn in public starting June 26, 2020. If you need masks, I can help you!

I have made them for a local health department, businesses that opened in Phase 2, and many repeat customers.

I have sent masks around the country - including FL, MD, TX, IL, WI, CA, AR, and HI! ✈️

My masks are 2 layers of 100% cotton with hand crocheted yarn ear loops. 

They all sell for $3 each. Most orders can be filled in less than 24 hours.


As my fabric inventory is constantly changing, please see my Facebook page for the most current selections!

I have 5 sizes:
Extra Large - 8x10
Standard 7x9

Teen 6x8

Child 6x7
Toddler 5x6


For the most current fabric choices,

click here to see my Facebook page.

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